Property Prices North Cyprus

Property Prices North Cyprus

Whether as a home for permanent residence or as a holiday home, North Cyprus offers many advantages not found in any other location. North Cyprus not only attracts with the enchanting beaches, the fantastic weather and the lovable and child-friendly people, but also with their attractive real estate prices! Here your dream of a property by the sea can come true and at an internationally unrivaled price! Compared to other islands such as Mallorca, Tenerife or Crete, real estate prices in North Cyprus are very cheap. Even the south of Cyprus is three times more expensive. Would you like to find out more about the current prices for property and land in North Cyprus? Then contact us today and get a little closer to your dream property.

Top advantages of owning a home in North Cyprus

A client who decides to build a home themselves with the help of BelleReve Immobilien instead of buying new construction from a developer can have a number of advantages, such as:

  1. Individual design options: The customer has the opportunity to design and plan the house according to their own wishes and requirements, instead of adapting to the existing properties of a property.

  2. Cost Savings: The client has the ability to control the cost of construction themselves and ensure it stays within budget.

  3. Greater Energy Efficiency: A home build can be more energy efficient as it can be built with modern technologies and materials that reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

  4. Lower Maintenance Costs: A newly built home typically requires less maintenance than an existing property, which can result in lower costs and less inconvenience for the customer.

  5. Higher Appreciation: A home built will typically have a higher market value than an existing property, meaning the customer may be able to earn a higher return if they later sell the home.

  6. Flexibility in terms of location: the customer has the opportunity to choose a property in the desired location and can thus help shape the environment of the future place of residence.

  7. BelleReve Immobilien can support the customer by providing experienced architects and construction companies and providing advice on all questions relating to the construction process and ensuring that the construction process runs smoothly.

  8. Personal identification: A self-built house offers the possibility for the customer to identify personally with the house and to develop a deep relationship.

  9. Own schedule: The customer has the option to build the house on their own schedule instead of having to adhere to the schedules of developers.

  10. Higher Quality Control: The client has the opportunity to actively monitor the construction process and the quality of the home, ensuring that it meets the requirements.

Emigrate North Cyprus

If you want to emigrate to the Turkish part of Cyprus, you should find out about life and the cost of living in Northern Cyprus. The more information you gather, the better you can adapt to the new circumstances. BelleReve Immobilien has specialized in the sale of private real estate. We cannot publish the wealth of information that would be necessary to make a decision to emigrate. Here you have to use the World Wide Web and get the relevant information you need. As a real estate specialist, we can help you with the search for your dream property and with topics such as: residence permit, drivers license, school and much more! We can give you experience on the cost of living and life in North Cyprus. What are the taxes like in Northern Cyprus, which school is suitable for my child, what are the local bureaucratic obstacles? You can contact us at any time and we will provide you with the appropriate information you need, because we also support our customers outside of the real estate world.

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