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There are plenty of arguments for investing in North Cyprus. Prices, returns, taxes, legislation, the banking landscape or the ever-growing demand for real estate as an investment property or for personal use. We advise you individually, tailored to your investment philosophy. Our service includes all areas such as: financing options, location analysis, portfolio and risk management, administration and rental management. The area of taxes in Northern Cyprus is also a very popular topic and is offered by us and our partners. Get in touch with us and benefit from our expertise and network in the investment sector in North Cyprus.

The main benefits of investing in North Cyprus

1. Banks

The main advantages of the banking landscape in North Cyprus are:

  1. A Wide Range of Banking Services: Banks in North Cyprus offer a variety of services including accounts, credit cards, mortgages, financing and investment products.

  2. International Banks: North Cyprus is home to a number of international banks, serving investors and businesses from around the world.

  3. Strong Regulation: Banks in Northern Cyprus are subject to strong regulation to ensure the integrity of the financial system.

  4. High deposit insurance: The deposit insurance in Northern Cyprus is quite high at €100,000 per customer and bank compared to other countries.

  5. Stable Economy: Northern Cyprus has a stable economy, which increases the attractiveness of the banking landscape.

2. Taxes

One of the key advantages of North Cyprus in terms of taxes is that it has some of the lowest tax rates in Europe. This makes it attractive for companies and investors as they have to pay less taxes. North Cyprus also has a double tax treaty with many countries, meaning companies and investors can save on taxes by becoming a North Cyprus resident. Another benefit is that North Cyprus has a territorial tax practice which means only income earned in North Cyprus is taxed. This makes it attractive for international companies and investors to become based in North Cyprus.

3. Legislation

The main advantages of North Cyprus in terms of legislation are:

  1. International Business: North Cyprus has a modern and progressive company law that allows international companies to do business in North Cyprus.

  2. Tax Relief: North Cyprus has tax relief for companies that become resident in North Cyprus. These simplifications can help reduce costs for companies.

  3. Favorable Labor Law: North Cyprus has a favorable labor law which allows companies to be flexible and react quickly to changes in the economy.

  4. English Language Legislation: Legislation in North Cyprus is written in English, which is beneficial for international companies and investors.

  5. Stable Political and Economic Situation: North Cyprus has a stable political and economic situation, which offers security for businesses and investors.

4. Yield Opportunities

North Cyprus offers investors a variety of return opportunities due to its many advantages. One of the main advantages is the low real estate prices compared to other countries in Europe and the Middle East. This offers investors the opportunity to purchase properties at a more affordable price and later sell them at a profit. Another advantage is the growing tourism industry in North Cyprus, which offers investors the opportunity to use their properties as holiday rentals and generate income from them. Additionally, investors in North Cyprus have the opportunity to take advantage of the country’s favorable tax rates by writing off their real estate investments. The beautiful nature of North Cyprus such as the coast, mountains and countryside also makes it an attractive place to purchase a property that may also lend itself well to holiday rental. Taken together, North Cyprus offers investors a variety of opportunities to capitalize on their property investments.

5. Economic situation

North Cyprus has experienced a positive economic climate in recent years due to a variety of benefits. One of the main advantages is the low unemployment compared to other countries in Europe. This means that people in North Cyprus find it easier to find a job and companies find it easier to find qualified workers. Another benefit is the growing tourism industry which has helped the economy grow in North Cyprus. The low tax rates in North Cyprus have also helped companies locate in North Cyprus, thereby contributing to the country’s economic development. The stable political situation in Northern Cyprus has also helped the economy remain stable and growing. All these factors contribute to keep the economic situation in Northern Cyprus positive.

6. National Currency

One of the main advantages of North Cyprus in terms of local currency is that there are two currencies used in North Cyprus: the British Pound and the Turkish Lira. For real estate investors, this means they have the opportunity to make their investments in the stable currency of the British pound, while being able to use the cheaper Turkish lira for everyday life. This offers investors the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of both currencies and to minimize their investment costs. Another advantage is that the British pound is internationally recognized and can easily be converted into other currencies. This makes it easier for investors to manage their investments and sell them if they wish. So, using two currencies in North Cyprus offers flexibility and security to investors.

Administration & Rental Management

Who takes over the management of special and community property? Who will find me a tenant, hand over the apartment, manage the rental income and take care of any problems if I am not on site? These are essential questions that every investor who lives and works several thousand kilometers away asks himself. How do I protect my investment and who manages my property? The community property is maintained and managed by the developer two years after the construction phase. After that, the developer can continue to take care of the maintenance and administration of the system or commission an external company to do this work. The owners of the system are obliged to bear these costs proportionately. BelleReve Properties takes over the management of the special property and offers its customers the all-round carefree package. You do not need to worry about your investment in North Cyprus. We take care of all the essential points and keep you up to date.


Our services for investors:


  • We furnish and equip the property to be rented with electrical appliances so that marketing can be aimed for quickly.

  • We take the photos, write the texts and advertise the property on all common marketing sites.

  • We draw up the rental agreement and take over the handover of the apartment.

  • We pass on the rent to the owner, on request we also manage the rental income and the rental deposit for the owner.

  • We take care of the utility bills, complaint management, inspection of the apartment, re-letting and claims settlement for you.

  • We take care of the cleaning of the property and, if necessary, the laundry for fully furnished apartments.

  • We are the contact for the landlord and the tenant.

  • We take over the coordination of external service providers and craftsmen.

  • On request, we can take on additional services for our customers. Get in touch with us and we will advise you free of charge and without obligation in relation to real estate investments in North Cyprus.

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