Forbes article on North Cyprus property market

In February 2021, Forbes magazine published an article entitled -5 Best Beachfront Buys For 2021. North Cyprus came in 1st on the grounds that it is a safe country with a developed tourism infrastructure including clubs, casinos and luxury hotels, all of which are more affordable than their counterparts in France, Spain or Italy. The lower capital requirement due to interest-free property developer financing was also identified as an essential part of the attractiveness of an investment in North Cyprus. Since this article, the demand for real estate in North Cyprus has never stopped. The current economic and political situation in Europe is also causing a huge rush of families looking for a safe haven in Northern Cyprus.

The regional differences in North Cyprus

The infrastructure in the Girne region, including the outskirts of Lapta, Alsancak, Ozanköy and Catalköy, is very well developed. There is a wide range of international schools, universities, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, bars and casinos locally and everything else that is needed for life. The region is characterized by its mountain landscape and the beautiful green nature. Real estate prices here are slightly higher than in other regions of Northern Cyprus. However, considering the fact that the infrastructure here is more developed and the beautiful green mountain landscape in this region, the prices are absolutely in relation to what you get here.


Approximately 40 minutes drive east of Girne are the districts of Esentepe, Bahceli and Tatlisu, which have been experiencing high demand for new construction projects for some time. Projects with an attractive facility and a fantastic view, with everything that is needed, are guaranteed here! The infrastructure here is not as developed as, for example, in Girne or in the Famagusta region. Families with children should take this fact into account in their planning.


Famagusta, with the districts of Bogaz, Long Beach and Yeni Bogazici, is located south-east of North Cyprus and has kilometers of beaches with excellent water quality. The infrastructure is very well developed here, there are many universities, schools, hospitals, restaurants and shops. Property prices in this region are relatively cheap and there is a wide range of apartments and penthouses to choose from.

10 facts that speak for North Cyprus

1. Water quality

North Cyprus is on the Mediterranean Sea and has the best water quality in all of Europe.

2. Food/Kitchen

There is a wide variety of fresh fish, quality meat and organic produce.

3. Security

Northern Cyprus is among the safest countries in the world. A great place to raise children.

4. Property Prices

Real estate prices are relatively cheap. Due to the high demand, an increase in value is guaranteed.

5. Historical Places

Here you dive into the history of the last 4000 years.

6. Freedom of religion

Any religion can be practiced freely.

7. Education/Schools/Universities

There are 16 internationally recognized universities and international schools from kindergarten to high school.

8. Healthcare

The health system meets international standards. One can choose between public and private healthcare.

9. Climate

North Cyprus enjoys the benefits of the Mediterranean climate. There is a long, warm summer and short, mild winter days. Out of 365 days, about 330 days are sunny ☀

10. Liberal banks and low tax rates

A tax haven for entrepreneurs and the self-employed. Low tax rates, liberal banks, little bureaucracy and low employee costs.


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